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Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning is the process of removing dust, dirt, mould, and anything that shouldn’t be in your air conditioning duct.AC Duct cleaning will eliminate bacteria and moulds which grows inside the ducts over a period of time. The air-conditioned space may get polluted once they enter to the system. Dirty AC ducts are a common issue with Air Conditioning units at residential and commercial buildings.Regular maintenance and cleaning of air ducts are required as they are linked to most of the health and allergy-based issues.When air ducts get dirty and moldy due to the accumulation of dirt, it promotes the growth of bacteria and allergens.These bacteria and allergens cause various health issues of which most common is respiratory illness such as asthma,frequent colds, and coughs. In some cases, it even causes many serious respiratory issues.

Why Ac Duct Cleaning Necessary to Clean include in Ac Maintenance.

AC are the main source of air circulation in the residential, office and other indoor spaces in the hot climate regions such as Dubai. The air we breathe indoors depends on the condition of the HAVC systems. If the air that passes through the duct is not clean, and if the system not serviced or maintained, then there is no guarantee of any clean air inside our built environment.It is imperative to keep the performance of air-conditioning systems at the optimal levels. Moreover, it has been already established that transmission of viruses and bacteria is particularly effective in poorly ventilated indoor spaces